wwf australia 2020

wwf australia

“I felt the urge to do my part in my own creative way, to raise awareness and support Australia’s unique wildlife.” – Tess van Zalinge

‘Embroidery for Australia’ is a campaign initiated by Tess van Zalinge. Due to droughts and the severe bushfires in Australia, she set up an auction to help support animal rescue and recovery. In the last months, climate change and drought, severely affected the nature in Australia, causing enormous bushfires that have lead to the deaths of millions of animals. The heartbreaking situation is causing global participation in donating money and resources to help stop the bushfires.

The two embroidery artworks of the Koala and the Kangaroo are handmade in the atelier by up-cycling the resources that were present. Through the online campaign and auction, the highest bid was fully donated to WWF Australia.

The campaign and online auction ‘Embroidery for Australia’ was noticed by MOAM and WWF - The Netherlands. They joined hands and gave the campaign an even wider range.
Therefor a t-shirt was launched with the embroidered Koala as a print. To reach as many people as possible with this good cause, Dutch celebrities such as Gordon, Do, Wendy van Dijk, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Jim Bakkum, and Nellie Benner, were asked to help by showing their support and pushing this online campaign even further.