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bumroll bag mini - blue
Made from upcycled matelassé duvet, the bum roll bag is a crafted accessory that manifests historical references and Dutch heritage with a contemporary, feminine design. Every bag carries a unique colour combination with embellished tulips embroidered by hand. Coming in the colours blue and white.

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The bumroll bag is part of the collection ‘natuurlijk'. By rescuing old matelassé duvets from destruction, the bumroll bags articulate the sustainable vision of tess van zalinge and this collection. It expresses a modern and functional aesthetic and at the same time preserves established fashion. In the 17th century, this padded roll was tied around the woman's body to emphasise the hipline. With its feminine and puffy shape, the bumroll bag embodies and celebrates authentic folklore with a present-day approach.

product details
fabric : upcycled matelassé duvet
colour : blue
composition : upcycled matelassé duvets, lining 100% cotton, cutting waste used as padding
care : dry clean only

All the textiles used in the atelier of tess van zalinge are carefully selected, always with a conscious and responsible approach. The deadstock materials of matelassé duvets are used to create the bumroll bag. The padding of the bag is filled with the atelier’s textile cutting waste from the collection ‘natuurlijk’. The embroidered tulips are created from carefully hand-selected beads and the bag is finished and embellished with golden haberdasheries.

Embracing and cultivating sustainability and craftsmanship, the bumroll bags are fabricated from old matelassé duvets and are locally produced in Amsterdam. In collaboration with MeesterOpleiding Coupeur we invited students to express their creativity, and embellish the bags by hand with beaded tulips. This addition not only deepens the artistry but also makes every bag unique. To reduce waste, the padding is filled with remnants from the collection ‘natuurlijk’. With the shredded cutting waste, developed in collaboration with the New order of Fashion Lab, we created padding that gives the bumroll its puffy and endearing shape.

Faithful to traditional techniques, the atelier tess van zalinge revives artisan and textile manipulations from the past to the present, converting them with an innovative and sophisticated aesthetic. Manufactured by hand with care, every single one of our pieces carries a desire to evoke emotional attachment between design and its keeper to disseminate a durable product life-cycle. High quality and sustainability are just some of the values embedded in every design. To keep alive traditions that otherwise will be forgotten, at the heart of each design are shared memories, stories, and craftsmanship.
length : 19 cm
height : 15 cm
ruffle : 2,5 cm
straps : 65 - 75 cm
zipper : 11 cm

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