status quo ante

status quo ante

"From Dutch corded quilting up until hand-knitted jacquards, and from hand dyed fabrics until painted prints, literally everything in this collection was about crafts" – Tess van Zalinge

July 2016 Tess van Zalinge presents her second collection on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The new collection is inspired by the excessive possibilities and incentives today, where too many opportunities lose the focus. This results in a need to revert to the original references and rebuild this laid foundation. Support, structure and Dutch crafts are keystones to this collection. The foundation that was rebuilt with this collection is translated into a crafted illustration from a blueprint of the prison where the atelier is located.

Original references and Dutch crafts were brought together in the signature of Tess van Zalinge; making fashion with lingerie without loosing the essence; sensuality and functionality.

Photography duo Petrovsky & Ramone shot the campaign image for the collection.

Photographer Imke Panhuijzen shot the look book for the collection.

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