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couture collection 2020
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patchwork dress - sale €5500 - rent on request
Tess van Zalinge launches the couture collection 'patchwork' at the iconic House of Bartolotti in Amsterdam in 2020. ‘patchwork’ is born out of a need for craft in uncertain times, born out of the fascination for Dutch heritage and the urge to improve, renew and experiment with the archive of the label. The global lockdown challenges us all to act, think and create differently. The collection celebrates the uniform of Tess van Zalinge and shows in a liberating way that working with what you have available leads to inspiration, innovation and sustainability. Patchwork takes on the largest role in the collection in terms of craftsmanship. A core message is to look at new approaches to the fashion industry, and new ways of making a change in the impact of the garments that are created.
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corset jacket - sale €3500 - rent on request

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corset dress - sale €4000 - rent on request

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videography by Jason Slijngard
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Mindful motions at every step of the way. To combat waste and contribute and sustain a healthy creative industry. Working towards a reduced waste model where unique designs are available for sale and rent. A thoughtful alternative is another step towards integrity, consciousness and following the Fair Practice Code initiated by the Dutch Government. Based on the virtuous concepts of upcycling and repurposing, Tess van Zalinge dedicates herself to implementing pioneering initiatives. Creating timeless garments to cherish, to keep, to share, to lend and to pass on – collectability.

Contact us through this link to access the full lookbook of the 'patchwork' collection and explore the Tess van Zalinge rental initiative further here.

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patchwork dress - sale €3650 - rent on request

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The technique of patchwork in this collection could be seen as a bigger perspective, as a form of creating new landscapes. Constructing a brand-new landscape between digital and traditional fashion techniques. Completely in line with the love of craft and a conscious mindset, the collection is exhibited at the Fashion for Good Experience, the interactive museum for sustainable fashion innovation. The exhibit showcases not only the final garments of the 'patchwork' collection but encapsulates the entire design process with Tess giving complete transparency on how this came together and the digital crafts taking centre stage in this exhibition.

photography campaign - Vivian Hoorn
photography lookbook - Sophie van Hasselt
photography - Marieke Bosma
videography - Jason Slijngard

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