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Tess van Zalinge launches the couture collection ‘natuurlijk’ in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as part of the official schedule of Amsterdam Art Week 2022.
Accompanied by a string quartet, among Rembrandt paintings, Tess van Zalinge presents the debut of the collection in the heart of Amsterdam followed by a presentation at the iconic Palazzo Francesco Turati during Salone del Mobile in Milan. ‘natuurlijk’ represents the paradoxical feeling of being part of the always recognizable, sustainable and authentic nature, but at the same time becoming aware of the manufacturability, the changes and the vulnerability of that same nature.
couture collection 2022
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tulip dress - sale €8500 - rent €850

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videography by Lyanne van Bodegom

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Mindful motions at every step of the way. To combat waste and contribute and sustain a healthy creative industry. Working towards a reduced waste model where unique designs are available for sale and rent.
A thoughtful alternative is another step towards integrity, consciousness and following the Fair Practice Code initiated by the Dutch Government. Based on the virtuous concepts of upcycling and repurposing,
Tess van Zalinge dedicates herself to implementing pioneering initiatives. Creating timeless garments to cherish, to keep, to share, to lend and to pass on – collectability.

Contact us through this link to access the full lookbook of the 'natuurlijk' collection and explore the Tess van Zalinge rental initiative further here.

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corset - sale €4200 - rent €420

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'natuurlijk' collection developed in collaboration with a rich and diverse palette of inspiring partners who share the vision to strengthen each other. With the collection, Tess van Zalinge draws attention to the prevention of waste in the textile industry. In addition to hand-made Dutch design heritage, innovative textile manipulations such as three-dimensional embroidery techniques, organic quilted shapes and the casting of 3D ornaments from cutting waste with circular bio-plastic are used. This collection aims to share knowledge, collaborate and creatively expand the traditional fashion industry. The collection promotes this vision through interdisciplinary cross-pollination. Such as with digital design pioneers Studio PMS, textile innovator Studie Vivèrdie and traditional shoemaker Sophie Tiné. The crossover in expertise, discipline and approach is what makes the collaborations exciting.

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photography - Annie van Noortwijk
photography lookbook - Tomek and Karlijn
videography - Lyanne van Bodegom

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