maandag wasdag

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'maandag wasdag'
couture collection 2018
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Carmen Kemmink x Tess van Zalinge

Tess van Zalinge launches the couture collection ‘maandag wasdag’ at the iconic Dutch Costume Museum in Amsterdam in 2018. The fascination for crafts, nature and folklore takes a central stage in the collection. Inspired by the nostalgic image of white laundry on the clothesline above the vast fields that Dutch nature has to offer. Innovating Dutch heritage with different craft forms not only makes the work of Tess van Zalinge typically Dutch but also reflects her vision: to innovate and preserve crafts in the Netherlands in a sustainable and honest way. With the collection, you are brought back to Monday Laundry Day.

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kraplap corset - sale €2200 - rent €220
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Mindful motions at every step of the way. To combat waste and contribute and sustain a healthy creative industry. Working towards a reduced waste model where unique designs are available for sale and rent. A thoughtful alternative is another step towards integrity, consciousness and following the Fair Practice Code initiated by the Dutch Government. Based on the virtuous concepts of upcycling and repurposing, Tess van Zalinge dedicates herself to implementing pioneering initiatives. Creating timeless garments to cherish, to keep, to share, to lend and to pass on – collectability.

Contact us through this link to access the full lookbook of the 'maandag wasdag' collection and explore the Tess van Zalinge rental initiative further here.

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videography by Matteo at Dutch Costume Museum

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kraplap corsets - sale €2200 - rent €220
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Entirely in line with her love for craftsmanship and traditional costume, the collection is included in the exhibition 'Contemporary Fashion' of the Dutch Costume Museum from 5 September 2018 to 31 March 2019. From September the collection is available at Xbank and Geitenwollenwinkel.

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photography campaign - Carmen Kemmink
photography campaign - Sophie van der Perre
photography - Tomek Dersu Aaron
videography - Matteo

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