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women of the year award - rising star
Harper's Bazaar 2023
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women of the year award, rising star, Harper's Bazaar 2023.

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Tess van Zalinge Women Of The Year 2023 - every year, Harper's Bazaar provides a platform for women who serve as inspiration to others. The Women of the
Year initiative was established to celebrate those who serve as role models, particularly for those who are yet to fulfil their dreams. In 2023, Bazaar focuses on
the theme of connection, a crucial element in a year marked by wars and climate crises. Therefore, special attention was given to women who played a unique
role in fostering connections—women who became voices for the greater good, dedicating themselves to building a strong and unified world. With pride, we
present the Women of the Year Awards for 2023.

One of the honorees is Tess van Zalinge, recognized as the Rising Star. Her distinctive characteristics include high-quality craftsmanship, collaboration, Dutch
influences, and a strong connection to nature. Known for her longstanding commitment to sustainability, she views fashion merely as a means to fulfil her calling.
With a small team, she develops collections entirely made from recycled materials. This young fashion designer stands out with sustainable couture inspired by
Dutch heritage and nature. What sets her apart is her decision to present her collection only once a year, in contrast to the frequent presentations by most
couture houses. This stems from her belief in the importance of craftsmanship, which she feels requires time and dedication.
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voices of change
Vogue 2022
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voices of change, Vogue 2022.

Tess van Zalinge Voices of Change 2022 - Vogue Netherlands introduced its inaugural "Voices of Change" issue, in October 2022, showcasing 19 selected changemakers who were celebrated for their contributions. This groundbreaking issue aims to highlight individuals making a difference in the realms of fashion, culture, empowerment, science, and sustainability. Among the distinguished group of changemakers was Tess van Zalinge, recognized for her significant role in shaping a positive impact within these crucial domains.
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grand prix winner IYDC, Ukrainian Fashion Week 2020

Tess van Zalinge Grand Prix winner IYDC 2020 - The 2020 edition of the International Young Designers Contest (IYDC) presented during Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kyiv. Hosted by the Ukrainian Fashion Council, this competition convened exceptionally talented emerging designers from Eastern and Central Europe, each having demonstrated themselves as the most creative young minds in their respective countries.

Tess van Zalinge presented a captivating collection featuring upcycled wedding dresses and emerged as the Grand Prix winner of this year's edition. This year's IYDC featured a total of 19 collections, highlighting designers from 12 diverse countries. Adapting to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the event seamlessly transitioned into a digital format.

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fashion talent award
3Package Deal 2016
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3Package Deal, fashion talent 2016.

Tess van Zalinge 3Package Deal 2016 -For nearly a decade, the AFK has been committed to fostering young international artistic talent through its 3Package Deal initiative. In collaboration with Bureau Broedplaatsen, the AFK forms alliances with prestigious art institutions in Amsterdam for various artistic disciplines. These institutions are tasked with selecting and guiding top talents for a year. Tess van Zalinge received the esteemed Fashion Talent of Amsterdam award, recognized by a jury as the most promising talent of the year. She earned this honour with her collection, "Geschapen Land," during the Amsterdam Fashion Week in January 2016.

In her exploration of themes like identity and associations with terms such as 'enterprising' and 'polder model'—concepts often linked to the Netherlands—van Zalinge showcased her unique perspective. The resulting collection boasted soft prints and angular lines. Despite its abstract nature, the echoes of the Dutch landscape were unmistakably present. This marked the beginning of van Zalinge's journey as a prominent figure in the world of fashion, showcasing her distinctive vision and talent to a broader audience.

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