geschapen land

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'geschapen land'
couture collection 2016
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campaign by Danny Griffioen

Tess van Zalinge launches her debut couture collection ‘geschapen land’ as part of the official schedule of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam 2016. Inspired by passages from Herman Pleij's book 'moet kunnen', in which Pleij narrates how the Dutch themselves created their unique landscape. The collection, therefore, reflects the pure malleability of the Dutch Polder. The 'geschapen land' collection is based on the typical Dutch landscape that passes Tess by, day by day. The familiar low-hanging clouds over the extensive green fields with a grey sky and the occasional high-voltage pylons interrupt this haze of organic colours and silhouettes.

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videography by Frequin at Amsterdam Fashion Week
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Mindful motions at every step of the way. To combat waste and contribute and sustain a healthy creative industry. Working towards a reduced waste model where unique designs are available for sale and rent. A thoughtful alternative is another step towards integrity, consciousness and following the Fair Practice Code initiated by the Dutch Government. Based on the virtuous concepts of upcycling and repurposing, Tess van Zalinge dedicates herself to implementing pioneering initiatives. Creating timeless garments to cherish, to keep, to share, to lend and to pass on – collectability.

Contact us through this link to access the full lookbook of the 'geschapen land' collection and explore the Tess van Zalinge rental initiative further here.

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overlay top - sale €420 - rent €42
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layered body - sale €400 - rent €40

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photography campaign - Danny Griffioen
videography - Frequin

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