generation 2015

generation 2015

"Zandloper; The reputable hourglass figure from 1750 has inspired me to design a corset. The craft of corset making may be seen and appreciated again in the zeitgeist of 2015" – Tess van Zalinge

In January 2015 MOAM presented the fastest multidisciplinary exhibition ever called Generation 2015. Generation 2015 is a unique platform for 26 young creatives, from 3D art to graphic design and from photography to fashion. A raw reflection of the creative Zeitgeist of 2015.

Via their surnames, participants were coupled to a letter from the alphabet. This letter was the source of inspiration for each work and all the participants received absolute creative and artistic freedom. In this way you get a unique, personal vision of each participant and at the same time a diverse view of today’s creativity.

Generation 2015 is the fastest pop-up exhibition ever in the Netherlands, only to be visited for three hours in Amsterdam. Initiator Martijn Nekoui: “Not only the content, but also the time span of the exhibition reflects the current generation. They’re used to a fast-paced lifestyle, three hours can be seen as endless, but it is the right amount of time to showcase all the talents.”

Participants Generation 2015:
Anthonisse, Gino | Bauer, Kevin | Cos, Roland | Dongen, Teresa van | Esch, Milou van | Forrer, Sarah | Griffioen, Danny | Hoek, Judith van den | Ingen, Gabi van | Jacobs, Carlijn | Kars, Vincent Boy | Laan, Roos | Monté, Isaac | Nagel, Leslie | Orlikowska, Anna | Puipaité, Marija | Quint, Manouk | Rossen, Wessel | Strikwerda, Jesse | Tangelder, Linde Freya | Uytenbroek, Jess | Vries, Mandy Vera de | Wang, Wendy | X Marc O’Polo | Yoshikawa, Aime | Zalinge, Tess van

MOAM found partners in Marc O’Polo, HTNK and Belvedere Vodka to support the participants and the concept. These parties contributed to the development of young creative talent and realizing the platform for Generation 2015.
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