“Sparked from a dissatisfaction with the way the wedding industry currently operates, I felt the need to create awareness in this market, where the focus is on beauty for ‘one-day-only’.” – Tess van Zalinge

Sept 2019 Tess van Zalinge launched her new collection at the Fashion for Good museum in Amsterdam.

Tess’ signature is clearly present in this collection: body-conscious silhouettes, layering and the use of various crafts such as patchwork, laser cutting, folding and embroidery. Inspired by fifteen wedding traditions every look is an ode to one of these forgotten traditions; pearls, bianca jagger, underwear, queen victoria, blue, cake, white, black, veils, herbs & grains, costume wear, getaway suit, intimates, tulips and upcycling. She takes fashionable heritage as a starting point to tell the story of symbolism, emotion and authenticity behind a marriage.

By upcycling vintage wedding dresses and using all other leftovers from weddings, the collection shows both the fashion and the bridal industry an innovative and inspiring alternative to the traditional approach to the wedding ceremony. This innovative form of upcycling shows a special amalgamation of tailor-made work, craftsmanship and a drive for innovation specialized in ‘doing good’. Tess van Zalinge: ‘this collection, again, focuses on sustainability, unique craftsmanship and innovation. Fashion for Good museum is the perfect venue to present the show and the exhibition in one and fully convey the idea behind the collection.’ A timeless, visionary and at the same time elegant demi-couture collection with a strong social message.

Icon photographer Justine Leenarts shot the campaign image for the collection. Lookbook photography and aftermovie Team Peter Stigter.

Completely in line with her love of craft and conscious mindset, the collection is showcased as a solo-exhibition at the Fashion for Good museum from October 10th 2019 to December 10th 2019.

From October on the limited accessories are available at Fashion for Good.

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