fashion for good museum 2019

fashion for good museum

“The Fashion For Good museum, Goat Organic Apparel, Loes Haverkort and Just Diggit were for me the perfect team of collaborators to make this exhibition so exciting to be part of. ” - Tess van Zalinge

“Make me feel things” is a campaign by Goat Organic Apparel who team up with the Fashion For Good Museum in Amsterdam to showcase works of art by designers and artists considered as pioneers for sustainability in the Netherlands.

In collaboration with Loes Haverkort, Tess van Zalinge takes a different approach for the exhibition, designing an object of art inspired by the notion of eternal and ephemeral. The fashion industry uses excessive amounts of plastic while shutting eyes for something as pure as a plant or a flower. We use packaging to preserve what is temporary and delicate, yet the only thing we need to preserve is nature itself.

The installation showcases a row of plants trapped in plastic bags. The idea sparks from the work of the partnering charity organisation “Just Diggit”, who develop landscape restoration projects on a large scale. In addition for the project, a T-shirt was designed as part of an auction, which funds were donated for restoration projects by Just Diggit.

Photographer Rachel Ecclestone.
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