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"When I was asked to design a unique piece for Mickey's birthday, I right away knew I wanted to create a dress that merged Mickey with Dutch heritage and craftmanship. But it still had to be playfull, I mean look at the bag!" - Tess van Zalinge

Mickey turns 90, this milestone will be a grand worldwide celebration. Mickey Mouse is the inspiration source for the artists. On November 1st they exhibited their unique work during a magical birthday party in Amsterdam.

With her traditional and playful approach Tess van Zalinge was one of the 18 artists who designed a special piece for this event. The typical Marken stripe, the constricted corset and bags made of embroidery rings merged the international character of Mickey with Dutch heritage. Leading for these choices of design are the silhouette and color pallet of Mickey. Tess van Zalinge makes her designs in an artisanal manner in the studio, just like Mickey was born 90 years ago on the drawing table. The demi couture design stands for craft, recycling and Dutch heritage.

The exclusive event took place in the Wintergarden of the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam. For this occasion, the hotel was completely immersed in Disney magic. As icing on the birthday cake, pianist Wibi Sourjadi brought a tribute to Mickey Mouse and there was a special guest expected from Disneyland Paris, Mickey Mouse himself!

Due to the huge succes all artworks were freely accessible at the pop-up exhibition in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. From Friday November 2 to Sunday November 4 2018.

Photographer Marieke Bosma.
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