Tess van Zalinge designs at the intersection of couture and ready-to-wear to create luxury designs with a functional sensuality style that evokes emotional attachment. Reliving and celebrating traditions of heritage and the local design culture. The designs combine handmade tailoring, unique craftsmanship and architectural intimates references to offer a contemporary take on femininity.

To contribute consciously each year, Tess van Zalinge found her eponymous label in 2016 after studying at Amfi in Amsterdam and working in the creative industry. A strong urge to keep improving and each step towards integrity and consciousness to combat waste. Nursing and developing a network of people Tess partners with, yesterday and tomorrow.

Her aim is to share with her creations. To share stories, to share memories, to share craftsmanship in order to preserve all that will be forgotten. To craft designs that last and are created with unexpected combinations, Tess aligns her ambitions with dedication to circular longevity. Drawing on a rich culture of storytelling, the unique handmade designs obtain an emotional attachment for a contemporary audience. Designs to be cherished among a positive and conscious contribution.