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Tess van Zalinge offers an exclusive experience to clients who wish to curate a custom made design. Our custom design journey unfolds as a collaborative artistic endeavour, where you engage directly with our visionary founder and creative director, Tess van Zalinge. This exclusive experience immerses you in the design process, fostering a harmonious blend of creativity and craftsmanship within our esteemed Amsterdam atelier.

To start your initial exploratory consultation, we invite you to contact us through this link. Join us in crafting an experience that seamlessly merges individuality with the highest standards of designmaking, guided by the expertise of our exceptionally skilled craftspeople.

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The core philosophy of Tess is to highlight the process, craft, and skills, placing them at the forefront of her messaging. This emphasis underscores the significance of the journey as much as the final image.

The custom process is intimate and collaborative, making the creation of your custom made design one of the most considered and thoughtful pieces in your possession.

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