charity projects

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WWF x tess van zalinge
charity project 2022
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Paul Bellaart for wwf x tess van zalinge

The World Wide Fund for Nature and Tess have once again united for an annual project to jointly draw attention to a major crisis in biodiversity, this year; the tiger. Where 100 years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the wild, in 2010, there were only 3200, a low point. Then a clear goal was set; in 2022, the next year of the tiger, the population should have doubled to 6400. That is why Tess has developed a print for 2500 limited edition sustainable certified shirts that will be gifted to new structural donors.

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Every year Tess van Zalinge dedicates herself to a charity project in addition to her sustainable couture collections and creative collaborations. With her sustainable and artistic
qualities, Tess commits her atelier to a better cause. By collaborating and dedicating ourselves to charity organizations as a foundation, we can contribute to a healthier system.

Discover our annual charity projects that contribute consciously to the creative industry below. Do you wish to receive additional information concerning a certain charity project
or do you have a request for a charity project? Feel free to reach out and contact us here.

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stop ecocide x tess van zalinge
charity project 2021
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Marte Visser for stop ecocide x tess van zalinge

Lady Justice draws attention to the planet's alarming state and environmental legislation's failure. October 12, 2021, Stop Ecocide Nederland will present the manifesto “The Netherlands, take the reins of the future” to political The Hague. Accompanied by a procession of law students, Lady Justice, dressed in a custom-made Tess van Zalinge made of recycled material, walks from the 'Vredespaleis' to the parliament building. The procession will draw attention to the great injustice that the large-scale damage and destruction of ecosystems – ecocide – is still allowed under the law. This manifesto you can sign as an organisation, company, local authority or political party. If you, as a concerned citizen, want to support the campaign, you can sign the international petition and become an Earth Protector.
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just diggit x tess van zalinge
charity project 2019
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just diggit x tess van zalinge.

Cooling down the planet for Just Diggit at the Fashion for Good museum. In collaboration with Dutch actress Loes Haverkort, Tess van Zalinge takes an intriguing approach
to the campaign 'make me feel things' initiated by Goat. Design an object of art inspired by the notion of eternal and ephemeral. The fashion industry uses excessive
amounts of plastic while shutting its eyes to something as pure as plants, weeds or flowers. Recycled plastic packaging is used to preserve what is temporary and delicate,
yet the only thing we need to preserve is nature itself. The installation showcases a row of weeds trapped in plastic waste. Sparked by the work of Just Diggit, who develops
landscape restoration projects on a large scale. As part of an auction, all funds were donated for restoration projects by Just Diggit.

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WWF australia x tess van zalinge
charity project 2020
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wwf australia x tess van zalinge

Embroidery for Australia, a campaign initiated by Tess van Zalinge. Due to droughts and severe bushfires in Australia, an auction started to help support animal rescue and recovery. Climate change and drought severely affect Australia. Causing enormous bushfires that have led to the deaths of millions of animals. Two embroidery artworks are handmade by upcycling the resources that were present. The campaign and online auction 'Embroidery for Australia' was noticed by WWF - the Netherlands. They joined forces and gave the campaign an even wider reach by launching a sustainable Tee with the koala-embroidery as a print. Supported by many Dutch celebrities promoting this campaign, the proceeds were fully donated to WWF Australia.

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