centraal museum utrecht 2019

centraal museum utrecht

“I am honoured and thrilled to have worked on such a special project for the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. This collaboration is close to my heart not only because I admire all of the work exhibited in the museum, but it has also been an opportunity to reconnect with my own hometown.” – Tess Van Zalinge

The unique folded apron from the Molensteenkraag was the inspiration for one of the signature looks from Tess Van Zalinge’s Porceleyne Fles' collection back in 2017. For her partnership with the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Tess has re-invented the stand-out piece to be exhibited next to the artwork in the museum for the duration of six months commencing in January, 2019.

The composite outfit is based on the special pleating and folding techniques used in her collection. Here, an innovative version is developed and the outfit has been re-made and put together with the aesthetics, techniques and craft from her work. A major role in the outfit played the colour Royal Blue, along with the folding elements which have been specifically developed to complement the venue.

Photographer Marieke Bosma.
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