about tess van zalinge

"I got on this crazy rollercoaster ride and I don’t want to get off, not even considering my fear of heights!"
– Tess van Zalinge

Graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2012, Tess van Zalinge (1989) showcased her ‘The same old lines’ collection. Taken by her aesthetics in making fashion with lingerie without losing its essence, functionality and sensuality, she gained extensive media coverage, which kick-started her career as a designer.

The designer label’s aesthetics contemporises the female form, combining modern Dutch silhouettes with traditional elements. The precise cut and fit of her collections take centre stage, an approach lending itself to bespoke tailoring. Influenced by her Dutch roots, Tess Van Zalinge references in her work Dutch crafts, costume wear, design and typically Dutch techniques. These are often structured in shape, yet light and delicate in the detail. Her colour palette and use of prints keep the overall image brisk and innovative, but still with an ode to Dutch heritage.

Tess translates her conscious mindset both into her designs and values as a brand. Each piece from her collections is handcrafted in her beautiful Amsterdam atelier, where she constantly explores the potential for responsibility in fashion through fresh collaborations, inspiring partnerships and new collections. Fine quality and longevity have been the prime focus for the label since its founding in 2016. Since then, Van Zalinge has worked on multiple projects including MOAM voor HEMA, Royal Delft, Hudson’s Bay, the Centraal Museum Utrecht and more.

This year, the label celebrates its 3rd year on the Dutch fashion scene with a new adventure born from her passion for vintage and storytelling.

Photographer Marieke Bosma.