bijenkorf 2021

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"I want to share the story of the historical corset and the impact it has had on the female body, all brought together in one experimental design."

For the 150th anniversary of the Dutch department store de Bijenkorf, Tess creates a 'droit-devant’ unique design. To celebrate crafts, to share historical storytelling and to visualize deformations in modern design.

Inspired by Bijenkorf’s corset from 1912, the first-ever sold corset in their store and the different deformations that the corset has brought to the body over the years, this design is created to share the transformations within all different angles. The female body was constantly formed into unnatural volumes, these extremes and sometimes contrasting silhouettes are brought together as one. A ‘droit-devant’, slim and straight silhouette from the front and exaggerated, curved and a great emphasis on the S-silhouette from the side. The shiny off-white velvet creates a light play and accentuates the design's shapes and angles. Different lineations from different sides, but always with a ‘droit-devant’ perspective.

a travelling exhibition 'in de maak'
Twelve designers were commissioned by de Bijenkorf to create unique designs from white test fabrics, so-called ‘toiles’, with which they draw attention to the traditional manufacturing process of fashion design and creation. Within that work, they also reflect on contemporary themes, such as sustainability, inclusiveness, and the importance of creativity. The designers contributing to the exhibition are Suzanne Mulder, Merle Kroezen and Puck Martens from Studio PMS, Armia Yousefi, Margherita Soldati, Lisa Konno, Camiel Fortgens, Marie Lamberechts, Flora van Egeraat, Romy Yedidia, Tess van Zalinge and Sinéad O’Dwyer.

dates and locations;
Eindhoven, March 9 - March 26
Rotterdam, April 6 - April 18
Amstelveen, April 6 - May 2
The Hague, April 6 - May 2
Utrecht, May 3 - May 11
Maastricht, May 3 - May 11
Amsterdam, May 24 - June 6

Photographer N / J Studio.

In de maak | Bijenkorf | Room on the Roof
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