AMFI 2018

amfi 2018

“In my work, local craftsmanship, handicrafts and sustainability are central. Therefore, all of the label’s items are made by a small team in the workshop. From each collection, we have kept remnants of the most recognisable fabric. There was no better use for these than to make my special Christmas gifts for AMFI with a sustainable and aesthetic character.” – Tess Van Zalinge

For her partnership with AMFI Tess van Zalinge designs a set of luxury handmade napkins as a Christmas present for the AMFI family and relatives. Each gift radiates Dutch heritage and is infused with the designer’s own signature. Sustainably manufactured using recycled materials from her most recognisable fabrics in previous collections, with linen, linenblend or cottonblend being the key materials. Each set is presented in a branded box with recycled tissue paper and includes a hand-printed and coated embroidery ring, referencing the napkin rings traditionally made of wood in the past. In total, 480 sets of napkins were made by hand in the atelier.

Photographer Marieke Bosma.