Tess van Zalinge studied Fashion and Design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She graduated cum laude in 2012 with her collection “The same old lines”.

This collection is about the ability to create your own identity. The concept is based on the urge she had to make careless decisions. She was looking for guidance, which she found in the faithful, chaste and Dutch folklore, in combination with the colorful, free and uninhibited African culture. An identity that should provide limited opportunities and will bring peace in a time of unlimited possibilities. ‘Who am I’ is not the question she asked herself, but ‘who would I like to be’.

With this collection Tess participated at Lichting 2012 at Amsterdam Fashion Week and also took this collection to London for Graduate Fashion Week. After her graduation she worked as a freelance fashion designer for several fashion labels to explore the fashion industry. In 2014 she participated in the collective of MOAM for HEMA, where she and a team of young design talent produced an entire collection, which was sold in more than 200 HEMA stores in the Netherlands.

From January 2015 Tess decided to start her own label under her own name. She is known for breaking with the status quo of lingerie, without losing its essence of sensuality and functionality. In addition to this she uses unconventional combinations of fabrics, prints and workmanship within the lingerie.

As a designer Tess feels the continuous drive to merge lingerie with fashion and to continue engaging new collaborations in order to develop herself again and again. Fashion is the best medium to translate all of this in one eclectic vibe. It became her playing field, and the challenge is to find the unexpected.

The concept of her second collection “Geschapen land | Landschap” is based on the typical Dutch landscape that passes her by, day by day, while sitting in the train from Utrecht to Amsterdam and back again. The familiar low hanging clouds over the extensive green fields with a gray sky and then the occasional high voltage pylons which interrupt this haze of organic colors and silhouettes.

For the current collection she worked together with NINANIN, a talented jewellery designer, to complement the collection with a range of silver accessories, handmade by the goldsmith of Goudstof Smeedt, and a unique piece of small beads, completely done by hand. In January 2016 Tess van Zalinge has presented her collection “Geschapen land | Landschap” at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.


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